Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jamal Collins Interview

A lot of fans have been keeping up with the recruits Central Michigan has brought in. One of the top commits is Defensive End Jamal Collins from Miami,FL.

Q. What sold you so early on in the recruiting process?
A. To be honest is the change in coaching staff at Northwestern I didn't know who would be coming in and what they could do for me.

Q.Did you know about Central Michigan prior to being recruited? If so, what did you know?
A. No, I didn't know of Central Michigan University.

Q.What do you expect the biggest differences between playing at Miami NW and playing in the MAC will be?
A. The speed of game would be faster and guys would be stronger.

Q.How have you prepared yourself for the next step in your life, with handling being away from home, college classroom and the demanding schedule of being a division I athlete?
A. I haven't prepared myself from being away from home i guess that would just have yo eventually come.In terms of school and being an athlete I try to schedule my time cause from my understanding college is all about being well organized.

Q. What have you been told your chances are to start as a true freshman at CMU?
A. Yes, I have a great chance

Q.What NFL or College D-Linemen to you compare yourself to and why?
A. I really don't compare myself to anyone but if I had to it would be Shawn Merriam because of his intensity and we both play DE/LB.

Q.What is your current height, weight, and 40 time?
A. Right now am 6'2.5,225, and I run a 4.66

Thank you for signing with the Chippewas and thank you for taking time to answer a few questions for myself and my readers. They really appreciate it and are really looking forward to seeing you play for Central Michigan the next few years. Good Luck and GO CHIPS!!!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Curtis Cutts Interview

Former Central Michigan Cornerback Curtis Cutts was kind enough to answer a few questions for myself and of course my readers.

Q: This past season the Chippewas Defensive Backs struggled. What do you think the problem was?

I never want to look for excuses on why we struggled as a secondary, but we obviously had to fight off the injury bug during the entire season and a lot of young guys had to step in and play that were inexperienced.

Q: What defensive backs do you expect to step up on the Chippewas team next year and be a star?

Josh "4-Flat" Gordy will be the next Central Michigan star in the secondary.

Q: What about on the rest of the defense with the loss of some great linebackers?

Our linebackers Red Keith and Ike Brown brought great leadership to the team and that will be greatly missed on top of their on the field play. Nick Bellore is going to be an outstanding linebacker, he started every game at our mike backer position as a true freshmen.

Q: How is the vibe on Mount Pleasant now that Coach Butch Jones has signed the new five year contract extension?

I'm not sure how the vide is in Mount Pleasant right now because I haven't been there since the bowl game. But with Coach Butch Jones signing a contract extension, there will be some stability within the program in regards to a coaching staff. As you know I had three different head coaches during my five years.

Q: I am not sure if you remember this or not. But a few years ago in a game against Michigan you made an amazing tackle on Brandon Minor. What did you say to him following the hit?

I really didn't say anything to him. After the hit the whole Big House was quiet. I silenced the crowd with that hit.

Q: I know you have been injured for awhile now. Are you able to train for the draft yet?

Right now I'm training at Test Sports Club in Martinsville, NJ. I will be training out here until the end of February getting ready for our Pro Day.

Q:What have you done and what do you plan to do both physically and mentally to prepare yourself for the NFL draft?

Right now there isn't much I can do in regards to the NFL Draft. All I can do is work hard during this training and prepare to have a good workout on our Pro Day. My agent will market me to NFL teams and then we will wait and see what happens during the Draft. My goal is to continue to get healthy and be in a Rookie Mini Camp to compete for a job.

Thanks for your time, Curtis. I know that my readers are very appreciative of what you have done for Central Michigan during your tenure.

My next scheduled interview is with Defensive End Jamal Collins. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to ask him.
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Central Michigan Football: 2008 Out of Of Conference Schedule

I know I have been waiting for this to be official ever since the close of the season. It is finally official. The 2008 out of conference schedule is here.
Eastern Illinois-Aug. 28.
Georgia-Sept. 6
Purdue-Sept. 20
Indiana- Nov. 1

I really like this out of conference schedule. Those games will define definitely challenge the Chippewas espicially the Georgia game. The Bulldogs have a good shot at opening the season at number one. What a win that would be! Then Purdue 2 weeks later. I can't wait until next season! I am so excited already!

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Recap of the New Year So Far

Sorry I haven't been writing as much, I have been busy moving. I am in the Navy and transferring back home to Pennsylvania. So I have been trying to get everything set up. I am sure you all have heard all this news by now but I thought I would at least put the information on here.

Butch Jones Signs Extension with Chippewas
After much publicity that Butch Jones would be headed to West Virginia. He has agreed to a 5 year contract extension with a base salary $265,000 a year.

Antonio Brown Named Freshman All American
Central Michigan standout wide reciever Antonio Brown has been named to the Football Writers Association of America's Freshmen All American Team. In addition, Antonio Brown was also named to the Second String All American by Sporting News as a reciever. and second string All American by Scout as a kick returner. Brown caught a school record 102 passes for 1002 yards in his freshman year while averaging 26.2 yards per return.

Linebacker Red Keith Named to the All Mayday Team
Red Keith was one of 22 linebackers selected to the 2007 All Mayday team. Keith has led the Central Michigan Chippewas in tackles every year while attending the school. This past season Red Keith had 148 tackles. Currently has him ranked 24 out of 110 Inside Linebackers in the 2008 NFL Draft.

JJ Watt Transferred to Wisconsin
Tight End JJ Watt has Transferred to Wisconsin. He was unhappy is his role in the Chippewas offense. The Central Michigan coaching staff had expressed interest in moving the Tight End to Tackle. Many Central Michigan fans agree that if there is one part of the game Dan Lefevour needed to improve upon it was his throwing into the middle of the field. JJ Watt will be missed next year in the Chippewas offense while not producing big recieving numbers Watt was a very good blocker.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Butch Jones Update

Well it's New Year's day and Butch Jones is still the head coach of the Central Michigan Chippewas. According to the Charleston Daily Mail, West Virginia's mayor is very intent in putting a big name coach at West Virginia University. He has expressed interest in Alabama coach Nick Saban. In Saban's first year with the Crimson Tide his football team went 7-6 and won the Independence Bowl.

I think that having Butch Jones back next year will benefit the team. If Butch Jones goes to West Virginia, that will mean the Chippewas will have had three different head coaches in as many years. Read more!